Creating Excellence in Organizational Leadership

Why Logicboard?

There are plenty of programs geared towards motivating the staff and volunteers in your organization. But few focus their energy on creating improvement where it's needed most - in the boardroom and with the Executive Director, where decisions are made that impact your entire organization. At Logicboard, we help board members and the Executive Director find the singular focus they need to achieve dynamic and unprecedented results. And when that takes place, your staff and volunteers will experience the empowerment and motivation necessary to accelerate progress with their strategic initiatives.

Competent, visionary leadership is critical to the ongoing success of any organiation. In a growing organization, Board work can be complex. But it doesn't have to be overwhelming.

The Visionary Leadership Model was designed to help make the workof the Board more rewarding and productive. It's compelling. It's focused. And when it's implemented successfully, it provides an environment where solid principles of leadership and empowerment can be fully employed.

It provides a comprehensive approach to building an effective organization. It guides Board members to be proactive rather than reactive. And it requires visionaries who are committeed to the principles of empowerment and delegation. The Board seeks to empower its Leader (and staff), entrusting the work of the organization to them with appropriate means for monitoring progress. In so doing, the organization experiences the success of fulfilling its mission and achieving its vision.