Creating Excellence in Organizational Leadership


Logicboard specializes in board governance, strategic planning, leadership development and personal coaching for boards and management teams of colleges, universities, churches, non profits and businesses.

How powerful would it be to have every person on your board or management group intentionally focused on a dynamic vision year after year? Using an innovative model and a highly interactive process, Logicboard can help you craft a new leadership culture for the future success of your organization.

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As two distinct leadership groups, the Board and President (and staff) both play a critical role in serving the organziation, but they each have a different role. In the Visionary Leadership Model, the Board establishes the future vision for the organization and determines the best policies for achieving it, while the President (and staff) initiates and implements a strategic plan to fulfill the vision, using those policies as a guide. Effective Boards establish good policies, stay focused on monitoring achievement of the vision, and avoid involvement in the day-to-day operations of the organization.

"Policies" may sound impersonal, but they're simply a tool that allows the Board to speak with a colective voice, providing leadership on important topics while guiding current and future decisions of the organization. The model provides "overview" leadership of the organizations and creates a framework for consistent decision-making, even as members of the Board may change year to year.



Our Beginning

Our company has its roots in the Center for Leadership Excellence -- an organization founded in 1997 and focused exclusively on leadership development at the board level.

In 2000, John Martin (principal), and Gary York (principal) crossed paths on a board project in Bloomington, Illinois. These two individuals, each with exceptional life experiences yielding profound leadership competencies, identified a unique chemistry -- they shared a passion for board development. Collaboration quickly followed and they blended those competencies into a single leadership entity now known as Logicboard, Inc.

Success quickly followed. As skilled consultants and coaches, these two individuals brought a wide-range of real-world experiences to a growing list of clients. Together they have made Logicboard a one-of-a-kind organization focused on excellence in board leadership for a wide range of clients including businesses, not-for-profits, colleges and universities, and churches.

Shaping the Organization

After merging their respective leadership enterprises, Martin and York realized they were in full agreement on the values and principals by which they would run their firm. From the beginning, the principals agreed they would be guided by a commitment to unquestioned character, excellence in client service, cutting edge sustainability, and mutual learning.

A National Force

Logicboard is a distinct, even unique, consulting firm that is growing exponentially with clients nationwide. Today you will find clients in cities like Richmond, VA; Tampa, FL; Amarillo, TX; Moberly, MO; Louisville, KY; Phoenix, AZ; Wichita, KS; Indianapolis, IN; Fresno, CA; and Lincoln, IL

Enduring Values

Our professionals and leadership consultants maintain the enduring values with which Logicboard, Inc was founded - unquestioned character, excellence in client service, cutting-edge sustainability, and mutual learning.

These have led to our success, earning us the respect of both our peers and the leaders of the organizations we serve.  These values will continue to be at the core of everything we do to help our clients build the best leadership teams in the country.