Creating Excellence in Organizational Leadership


Through board development, strategic planning and customized coaching Logicboard gives your church board and staff the tools and training to help you be more effective; so you can have less business meetings and do more ministry. "Policies" may sound impersonal, but they're simply a tool that allows the board and leadership to speak with a collective voice, providing direction on important topics.


Board Development


An interactive session packed with information for boards looking to maximize their leadership effectiveness. Working on-site, with your board, Logicboard will provide an overview of the model used to help boards transition to a new leadership culture.


Using customized, highly interactive leadership coaching, Logicboard's consultants will help your board create a new leadership culture that addresses vital concepts from empowerment and delegation to values-based decision-making, norms for board health, lean job products, necessary limitations, metrics for measuring progress, and the difference between visionary thinking and strategic planning.


Staff Development

Strategic Planning

Once the board has defined the vision for the church, with measurable layers of detail, Logicboard's consultants assist the Pastor and senior management with the development of a multi-year strategic plan aligned for vision achievement.

Personal Coaching

Occasionally, senior staff members may find themselves struggling in an unfamiliar leadership environment.  Logicboard's consultants help those individuals to clarify the challenges and identify best alternatives for success.